Membership Fee

We've spent the last 7 years perfecting our teaching process so you can make top dollar.

Platform, methods, and teaching tools

As a member of the 44th note you'll have an all access pass to everything you need to grow a successful teaching business. In exchange for providing instructors with our extensive knowledge, experience, and one of a kind teaching approach, we charge a membership fee of $39.99 per month. We've done the math and the value we offer far outweighs the cost of membership. The 44th note operates on a shared success model– when you make money, we make money. So, you'll never have to pay us out-of-pocket (we only deduct our membership fee during months you actively teach and earn income).

What's included

Each member gets access to the 44th note's platform, methods, and teaching tools. Members also have the ability to request new students (we'll tap our marketing pipeline and find new students for you). We'll take care of all the "not fun" stuff so you can focus on lessons. By teaching with the 44th note, independent music instructors can make almost twice what they'd make out on their own!

Fee breakdown

The more you teach, the less your membership fee.

1 to 9 students per month - $39.99 monthly membership fee

10 to 14 students per month - $29.99 monthly membership fee

15 to 19 students per month - $19.99 monthly membership fee

20 or more students per month - $0 monthly membership fee

*Fees listed above correspond to students subscribed to individual (not joint) lesson subscriptions.