Live Music Lessons

One of the first questions we ask new students is, "What's on your iPod"? We love teaching students songs they know and love– no "Mary Had a Little Lamb" here. From classic rock to Taylor Swift, check out our rockin' student videos!

The 44th note specializes in live online music lessons. We're excited to be one of the first companies leading the way in this new teaching approach. Our founder, Jeff, has a degree in music performance and taught in-home lessons for 12+ years. He created the 44th note's online learning experience to provide families more flexibility and to equip students with better practice tools and concrete ways to track and share progress.

READ a real MOM's review! (click photo) 

READ a real MOM's review! (click photo) 

We currently teach students in the U.S. (Colorado, Atlanta, Michigan, California & Illinois, to name a few) and internationally. Our students are loving lessons and we think your family will too.

Don't worry, it's easy. All you need is a computer with webcam and access to a reliable internet connection. No need to install complicated software– with one click you'll be live in lesson!